Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: "Holiday Stuck"

© Evangeline Von Winter
This is my first review of an Evangeline Von Winter video. Evangeline is an experienced model/actress/producer who specializes in a wide array of different fetishes and has a huge collections of videos for sale on her site. She has only somewhat recently dipped her toe into the sticky pool, and while her collection of sticky videos is pretty small (so far), she has shown a lot of promise right out of the gate. This review covers her latest, which is simply titled "Holiday Stuck".

The premise: Evangeline is putting the finishing touches on her Christmas tree. Busy hanging ornaments, she's too distracted to notice that sap is leaking from the tree and pooling around her bare feet. When she finally does notice, it's too late, as she has become hopelessly mired in the sticky green goop. She puts up a valiant effort, eventually getting overheated from the exertion and being forced to strip down to her bra and panties to cool off.

The good: Evangeline is an attractive, feisty redhead with a sultry voice. She has a great natural body and isn't afraid to show it off. (Disclaimer: I may be a teensy bit biased as she reminds me a bit of a girl I once dated) She has some bondage experience in her past and it shows, as her struggling is very realistic - you can tell that she knows what it's like to be immobilized. She's also a good actress; you can really see the frustration in her face and hear it in her voice. She gets increasingly frustrated as the video progresses, losing her composure completely at one point, whipping her hair around, kicking her trapped feet, and cursing at the tree. After seeing her pissed-off glare, I know I wouldn't want to get on this woman's bad side! Unless her feet were stuck, of course...then I would probably tease her mercilessly.

The bad: Really, I said, the acting is solid, and the struggling is good. It doesn't reinvent the genre, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Evangeline mentioned on the Sticky Site message board that she was actually stuck by the end...some behind the scenes footage of that would have been welcome.

Favorite quote: A toss-up between "Next year we're getting an artificial tree" and "You are so going to be mulch".

Small goof: When the "sap" is leaking from the tree, you can actually see a bit of the container that they're pouring it from on-camera.

The Verdict: This is a straight-up, bare foot stuck video without much by way of frills, but it does what it does quite well. If that's your cup of tea, I would highly recommend this one.

Grade: A-

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