Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: "Barbi Full Body Stuck in 15 Gallons of Trap Glue"

© StickyBarbi
Well, after torturing us for a few weeks with teaser pics and messages about a massive full-body glue trap, Barbi finally came through, and all I can say is "wow".

The setup is simple, as usual. Barbi, dressed in a black skintight outfit (pvc? latex?) and heels, steps into a big pillow-like pile of thick glue. After struggling for a bit without much progress, she steps out of her shoes and tackles the pile barefoot for a few more minutes. Finally she ends up more or less sitting down and getting her legs seriously ensnared.

The Good:
15 gallons is a LOT of glue, and it gets put to good use here. Perhaps due to the temperature, the glue is extremely thick, and Barbi really seems to have to work pretty hard to move around. Once she gets her legs down in the glue, it's not quite clear to me if she can even get out by herself. There's a little something for the shoe crowd, the bare foot crowd, the skintight clothing crowd, and those who like full-body (well, half-body) stuck scenarios. Personally, I can tick about 3 of those off on my personal fetish list, so this video appealed to me on a number of levels.

The Bad:
There isn't really much to dislike about this one, but I think a few adjustments could have made it even stronger. For starters, as I've come to expect, Barbi never really makes a sound, unless prompted by whispers from her cameraman/fiance, and even then all she really says is the familiar, "It's so sticky". That may not matter to everyone, but for me, hearing the model describe the experience makes it a lot more exciting. She also doesn't emote much, although we do catch some nice (albeit small) glimpses of exertion and frustration. I would have also loved to see the aftermath, as in how she actually did get out - whether it was by herself or if she needed help. Like I said before, her legs seemed to be really stuck, but I didn't feel like she really put that much effort into freeing them beyond a few tugs -- perhaps she was afraid of trying and failing on camera? My hope is that she'll read this and elaborate on that in the comments :)

The Verdict:
This is one of the most ambitious stuck videos I've ever seen, and I'm anxious to see what the intrepid Barbi and her guy do next with this giant trap, since they've indicated that they plan to get a lot of use out of it. If you're a fan of cute girls in HUGE amounts of stretchy rat trap glue, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to go watch it again.

Grade: A-