Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review: "Barbi Rat Glue Trap Barefoot Stuck"

© StickyBarbi
I'll admit that I have a bit of a weak spot for StickyBarbi's videos.  They're generally pretty reasonably priced, if a bit long, Barbi is cute, and the videos have a raw, low-budget feel to them that makes me want to send her my money time and time again.  For any of Barbi's videos that I review, I'll be titling them as they're called on her Clips4Sale site, since they don't really seem to have titles beyond that.  As such, the titles aren't very descriptive, so you may have to search the site for the exact phrase to find the one I'm talking about.  This one was released on 11/11/10, which should make it easier to find.

For those of you who haven't seen one of her videos, Barbie is a pretty young blonde with a penchant for fake toenails who apparently films videos with her boyfriend in one of two locations in his/her/their home.   Most of her videos simply involve her stepping into a huge puddle of rat trap glue and then struggling for 10-15 minutes, with slight variations, such as the toenail color.  In this case, they're bright orange.   Barbi is wearing short pink shorts and a white t-shirt, but you see very little of her in this video - the focus is almost entirely on her feet.

The good: Barbi pulls and tugs convincingly at her feet, and the rat trap glue clings tenaciously to her as it stretches and then snaps her back down to the ground.   Barbi and her friend are also not afraid to use a LOT of glue, which Barbi seems to enjoy twisting and grinding her feet into.

The bad:  If you've seen other videos Barbi has done, this one isn't going to add anything new for you.  Barbi and her friend have a tendency to do the same video over and over again, and this one really wasn't any exception. I accept that the stuck fetish is largely populated with foot people, but I enjoy when the camera occasionally pulls back and shows the model's struggles (especially for a lovely woman like Barbi).  Unfortunately we only see from her knees down for the majority of this video.  She also seems to be quieter in this one; we get a few grunts as she struggles, but I don't think she actually speaks at all.  I get the feeling that Barbi is pretty shy in front of the camera, which is fine (I would be too), but that's really not a good excuse to continuously make the same video and charge for it, when you're only changing the toenail color.  Foot fetishists out you disagree? Please feel free to comment.

The verdict:  If you really love feet twisting around in glue, appreciate long fake nails, and haven't seen her other vids, I think you'll enjoy this one.  For me, it was a step backward from some of her better work.

Grade: C-


  1. I see i have the worst grade in the class :'(

  2. Well that's true, so far, but I have other videos to review that will get worse grades. I just wanted to review one of your newest videos first.

    I don't write these reviews to make people feel bad about themselves - I want to inspire filmmakers to do their best work and not get complacent. Like I said, you have done, and can do, better than this one. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. you are right on about all the videos being the same. i hate admit it too i like the vids but they are super long and for the money you just aren't getting enough different in each video to make it worth it.