Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: "Sticky Sorority"

© Jamie Daniels
When you're dealing with an "interest" like ours, that is largely grounded in fantasy and requires considerable suspension of belief, you make some concessions in order to make certain situations seem more exciting to you despite obvious and sometimes glaring shortcomings.  Let's face it -- cartoony stretchy glue that only lets you move so far before forcibly snapping you back into place does not, and probably never will, exist.  What really makes a sticky video work is how well the actress sells it.  Enter "Sticky Sorority", from Jamie Daniels.

The premise is simple, but full of potential: Jamie and Jackie are members of a sorority who are planning to put their new recruit (a curvy beauty named Rachel) through a bit of hazing as part of her initiation.  They blindfold her and trick her into sitting in a chair covered in melted gummies, then stick her further with the old "lotion turns out to be glue" trick for her hands, and "glue in the shoes" trick for her feet.  Thoroughly caught, Rachel struggles and whines while being taunted incessantly and mercilessly by her "captors".

Rachel, despite being a first-timer in this type of video does an amazing job as the whiny damsel-in-distress.  She struggles convincingly and jiggles enticingly as she tries unsuccessfully to escape.  Jackie and Jamie are at their bitchiest as they belittle her, even going so far as to blame her for ruining their chair, which actually begins to tear a bit from the strength of the gummies.  There's a bit of something here for lots of different interests -- stuck hands, butt stuck, feet stuck inside heels (though the heels themselves aren't stuck to the floor).  And in possibly the best ending I've ever seen, there's some bonus footage where you see how stuck Rachel actually was as Jamie has to cut her denim skirt off, after which we're treated to a fantastic view of her nice round ass in skimpy panties.

We all have our individual preferences, and I'd be kidding myself if I said that those didn't affect my grading scheme to some extent, but this was well-acted, had several different types of sticky situations, had some great bonus footage, and Rachel was, at least in part, really quite stuck.  In my humble opinion, this is one of the best stuck videos available right now and I'm looking forward to watching it again.  The very last words you hear in the video are "that's awesome".

Well said.

Grade: A+

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